As a child I was enthralled with nature, in its endless magic and beauty. I was filled with a joy for life and in painting found a way to express and share this love. My early direction developed with bird studies and landscapes, along with a growing feeling for the hidden mystery beyond appearances. It was the influence of spiritual literature and practices, and visionary art that expanded my view and energized my work. I began to add a symbolic figure into my compositions, rendered as fluid energy, seeking awareness of itself as indivisible from the whole.

I use methods and techniques which deliberately cultivate the play between the planned and the unexpected. This includes direct observation, my own imagination and memories, and photo references. Ideas are often refined with watercolors and digital paintings and transferred to larger panels. Acrylic polymer is my primary medium. I usually paint rapidly in layers, but sometimes keep the surface wet indefinitely, or allow it to dry partially to promote the chance effect and generate unforeseen forms.

The preliminary part of my process often spawns related works, sometimes combining traditional painting and digital techniques, and finished as limited edition giclee pigment inkjet prints on fine art paper or canvas.